3 Things to Look for in a Good Lawn Tractor Trailer

3 Things to Look for in a Good Lawn Tractor Trailer

Thinking About Getting A Good Lawn Tractor Trailer? Here’s What You Need To Look Out For...

Have you ever been out at the far end of the trail and needed a chainsaw, rope or more gas to get back home? Or have you ever been working around your yard and had to make multiple trips back and forth for blower, pruning saw, rake, shovel or clean up bags? Do you believe in the old saying, “better to have it along and not need it, then need it and not have it?” Have you ever wished you could carry more with you while you were towing a wood splitter or other tow behind accessory?

This is where a good lawn tractor trailer like The Bigtoolrack Yardrack® come in handy.

1. A Good Lawn Tractor Trailer Needs To Be Able To Safely Carry And Store All The Tools You’ll Need For The Job

Tools such as rakes, ropes, shovels, axes, and more. It has to be large enough for a chainsaw cutter and backpack blower. All the tools must be stored safely and are with you on your mower/tractor when you need them. It should haul up to 75 lbs while carrying 15 different tools. Anyone who has ever spent time on a tractor or lawnmower understands the need to have quick access to hand tools.

BTR Yardrack
BTR Yard Rack

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The YardRack® lawn tractor trailer’s accessories include the 5:1 tool holder for:

  1. Cutting wood
  2. Magnetic work light
  3. Gear bags for tune-up kits
  4. Gloves
  5. Water bottles, and more
  6. Tow hitch for pulling wood splitters
  7. Wall bracket for storing on the wall

BTR Yard Rack

2. A Good Lawn Tractor Trailer Should Be Easy To Connect And Remove From Your Tractor. There Shouldn’t Be Any Hassle When Attaching Good Tractor Attachments

It should connects easily with a lawn tractor, garden tractor, mowers and fit any 2-inch female receiver. The YardRack® lawn tractor trailer uses a unique mounting system that adjusts and securely mounts to a wide variety of loader sizes and shapes.

Connects to your lawn tractor (John Deere 100, 200, 300 series Cub Cadet XT1-3 and many zero turn mowers…) with the YardRack® back plate.

Connects to your Heavy duty garden tractor (John Deere x400,x500,x700 series) with the YardRack® 2 inch receiver hitch kit.

BTR YardRack clip and pins
BTR YardRack
BTR YardRack

Connects to your lawn tractor (John Deere x400,x500,x700 series) with the YardRack® 1-1/4 inch receiver hitch kit.

BTR YardRack clip and pins
BTR YardRack
BTR YardRack

3. A Good Lawn Tractor Trailer Must Be Built From High-Quality Material

Every tractor attachment must be built to last a life time work. That’s why the YardRack® was built with

  • 1 large canvas bag with a metal tube support frame.
  • 1 mounting plate that hooks to most tractors, mowers, and ATVs. Custom mounting plates are available on order.
  • Universal tool holder and drop-down hook specially designed to carry garden hoses, ropes, pipes, and sprayers.
  • It comes fully assembled in a box and ships in 1-5 days via FEDEX.
  • Fold up easily. Once removed from the vehicle, it simply hangs on the wall without covering any valuable floor space.

BTR Yardrack

And Of Course A Good Lawn Tractor Trailer Must Have People Saying It’s Good!

BTR Yardrack happy customer Laura
BTR Yardrack happy customer Ashley

"I saw the YardRack and knew I had to have it! I thought it’s like a little pick-up truck body for my lawn tractor. Now I can garden and not have to drag my wheelbarrow out, I can even leave my gloves & clipper in it so I can trim bushes and trees when I am out on my property. Now when I mow the lawn and find that dog’s toy, rock or stick I have a place to put it rather than try to hold it while I finish mowing my lawn. Who wouldn’t want one? It totally changes the uses of my tractor. I am even going to use it to get my mail... It just made perfect sense to me. Very high-quality product."
— Ashley in Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, a proud YardRack® owner

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Order YardRack® lawn tractor trailer and avoid spending a lot of time taking tools in and out of trailers, trying to clean them off and find them. That’s the problem YardRack® solves for you!

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