How A 3 Point Hitch Tractor Carry All Is Made

How A 3 Point Hitch Tractor Carry All Is Made

Ever wonder how you could build your own tractor carry all?

When we designed our first three point hitch tractor carry all called “Bigtoolrack®”, all we wanted was more cargo space for our sub compact and compact tractors. So we whipped up a homemade three point hitch tractor carry all.

This Was The Very First Attempt At Our 3 Point Hitch Tractor Carry All

homemade carryall

Then We Designed The First Prototype Of The Bigtoolrack 3 Point Hitch Tractor Carry All

BTR Prototype
BTR Prototype

However, With Any DIY Project, You Run Into Some Challenges Of Building Your Own Three Point Hitch Tractor Carry All.

  1. Time because your time is valuable . A lot goes into building a carryall. You need the right tools, team and a lot of time with no guarantee of a finished product.
    But...there's nothing more valuable than your time
  2. Welding can be extremely dangerous if you have no idea what you’re doing
  3. Finding the right materials isn’t easy for everyone. Depending on what you need, the length of your project and budget can increase exponentially
  4. There’s a steep learning curve. Mistakes with materials or components during the learning process can be costly
  5. Costs can exceed your initial budget given various unforeseen events that arise during the building process
  6. You will need a and good tools as well as help from people who know what they’re doing
  7. There’s no warranty on a DIY tractor attachment. You break it, and that’s it...

If You’re Serious About Having The Best 3 Pt Carry All That Will Last You A Life Time And Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes Then.

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Ultimate Rack
Ultimate Rack

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Ultimate Rack
Ultimate Rack

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