How To Carry A Chainsaw On A Tractor

How To Carry A Chainsaw On A Tractor

If you’ve tried carrying your chainsaw on your tractor before you might have done a few of these:

  • You just carried it in a bucket
  • You put it on the floor of your tractor
  • It occasionally slid off your tractor and you almost ran over it

Maybe your tractor didn’t come with a chainsaw scabbard? Well, we've checked your local dealers, but could not find a proper tractor chainsaw holder. HERE it is! This is the best most secure way to carry your chainsaw on your tractor.

BTR Chainsaw Holder

With the BigToolRack chainsaw holder, you will increase the amount of room available on your tractor.

Our tractor chainsaw holder comes standard with our Ultimate Rack® Package.

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What Is The Ultimate Rack Package?

Our Ultimate Rack® Package includes the best 3 pt carry all on the market and 17 other attachments like the chainsaw holders… Here’s what else it comes with

  • 3 Universal Tool Holders With Rubber Straps
  • 2-4 Hole Hand Tool Holder
  • 4 Storage Bins
  • 4 Universal Drop Down Holders
  • 1 Rubber Cargo Liner
  • 1 Counter Weight Bracket
  • 1 Chainsaw Holder
  • 1 Grass Trimmer Kit

If you’re looking for the best 3 point attachment to invest in, then look no further. The Ultimate Rack® is 387 lbs of heavy duty steel and has unlimited uses!

Here are just a few of it’s features and Specifications:

  • I-Match and quick hitch ready
  • Active tail gate with cables
  • Sturdy wheel caddy kit
  • 2” receiver hitch
  • 600 LBS Maximum Load Capacity CARGO AREA
  • 50 LBS Maximum Tongue Capacity (tow feature) designed to tow a trailer, log splitter or other small attachments.
  • 45” X 25.5” X 14” Tall
  • Outside Dimensions (51” L to the outside of the telescoping wheel holder without the side bins) Side to Side
  • L: 57.5" (with the side bins) Side to Side
  • W: 36" Front to Back
  • H: 45.75" without wheels Top to Bottom
  • H: 59" Rack with wheel kit extended. Full Height Note the bottom of the rack is 16” off the ground with the wheels extended. With the wheels up it is 6.5”

It comes with FREE Shipping, Fast Delivery and shop with confidence because we’ve had 0 returns in over 5 years of business!

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