3 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Riding Mower Trailer

3 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Riding Mower Trailer

A riding mower trailer is one of the best investments for any homeowner or outdoors-man. You might have a small garden, medium-sized yard or a few acres of land to take care of. No matter the size, a riding mower trailer will get the job done and in less the time!

But before you buy your next riding mower trailer, there are a few things to consider...

Here Are 3 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Riding Mower Trailer

1. You Can’t Mow With Your Trailer On Your Riding Mower

Riding mowers were built to do just… mow the grass. However most trailers will bounce around while you drive, jack-knife while backing up or hit the tongue while making sharp turns.

The best riding mower trailer alternative to avoid this crucial issue is to use a YardRack® from Bigtoolrack.com.

The YardRack® becomes part of your tractor like a bed in a pickup truck, is easy to drive or back up with and won't bounce all over the place.

It’s patented design allows you to easily attach to riding mowers and lawn tractors.

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2. Riding Mower Trailers Require Maintenance

Like most equipment, trailers require maintenance to keep them effective. Usually this involves servicing your wheels and bearings regularly to avoid any issues that could inconvenience you while you’re trying to get a job done. However, the YardRack® actually requires no maintenance! You just install it and it’s good to go for a lifetime of work… It’s uses are endless!


3. Riding Mower Trailers Are Large And Can Be Hard To Store

Storing a riding mower trailer in most garages or sheds can be problematic. Most times you will have to leave them outside because there just isn’t any storage space left… Depending on the weather outside (rain, snow, etc) this could be an issue. If you’re someone with limited storage space then the YardRack® is perfect for you.

The YardRack® does not take up any more space in your garage than your riding mower or lawn tractor does. It folds up for easy storage on and off your tractor and you can even hang it on your wall!


If you’re interested in picking up a YardRack than feel free to check it out!

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