Thank you veterans


Built to serve our Veterans

For our veterans we made sure that the Ultimate Rack® required no lifting, no struggling and no work… Equipment can be heavy but it doesn’t have to be a hassle to move around. With it’s sturdy wheel caddy kit you can wheel your Ultimate Rack® around your garage and easily hook it up to your 3 point hitch and get it out on your property. Since it’s one-man-setup you won’t need to rely on anyone else to get the job done. And with so much cargo space your Ultimate Rack® is the helper you’ve always wanted.

Leo R. Kelly

I am a medically retired disabled veteran and run my own hobby farm for veterans that have PTSD. I needed some way to carry around my tools and supplies.

I reached out to Tim at BigToolRack and he hooked me up with an awesome deal and a rack that will far exceed everything I could have asked for. I can haul tools and supplies during the summer and salt and snow tools in the winter when I plow my drive and neighbors.

Barry’s New Edition Ultimate Rack

This is my BIGTOOLRACK in use at this time. I have since reconfigured it a couple of times depending on the job. It's so handy to have the tools and hauling capacity on hand at this job. I have had it a month and it's only been off the tractor one time.

The shipping was prompt and on time. It was well protected and blemish free. I will also say the customer service and communication is superior.

I think my brother is about ready to pull the trigger on on for himself.

Craig Jones from Missouri

As I’m working up at the front of my property, it’s not unusual to have someone driving by at 45 MPH, slam on the brakes, pull at the last second into my driveway, stop me to want to see my BigToolRack and ask about its features.

I’m really pleased with this purchase!

As a disabled veteran, I am forced to find easier ways to get chores done and not spend all day doing them. I have a Kubota BX2380 and if you have ever tried to attach tools to it, you quickly run out of options! Not anymore. I have everything in one place at all times. I have used it with my small trailer to haul wood, move stuff from the garage to the pole bard - what a time saver!

Chris Revak

We Are A Proud Supporter Of Our Veterans And All Of Our Armed Services

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