5 Expert Mowing Tips No One Ever Told You

5 Expert Mowing Tips No One Ever Told You

Mowing with your zero turn mower can be a great way to save time. But, having the right tool doesn't necessarily equate to having expert knowledge. Here are 5 expert mowing tips to get the job done quicker while taking better care of your grass.

1. Check Your Oil & Tire Pressure

Always check your oil before you begin cutting. Depending on whether you do, you will save or LOSS a lot of money. Zero turn mowers can burn or leak oil and there is no light indicator to alert you. Moreover, every time before you mow you should check your tire pressure to make sure it’s even. That way you get a nice even cut.

2. Change Up The Direction You Mow Every Other Week

Most people mow their lawn in the pattern, the same route or the same direction every time. However, grass will lean in the direction that you mow it. So, if you continually mow the same way every time, you will end up with spots that don’t have as much top soil or biomass laying on the ground. So, change up the way that you mow, and you will have an beautiful green lawn without having to use a ton of fertilizer.

3. DON’T DRill Holes In Or Alter YOUR ROLL BAR IN Anyway... This Is Not Safe!

These days there are easy to install zero turn mower attachments that don’t ruin your rolls bar with nails or screws. The Bigtoolrack RopsRackPack attaches in minutes to your existing roll bar without any tools, no drilling, or hardware allows you to safely and securely carry the tools you need, saves fuel and saves time so you don’t have to constantly walk back to your tool shed. Don't carry your tools on your lap any longer! Carry the tools you need safely and securely on the RopsRackPack.

BTR RopsRackPack

4. Ensure That You Have Enough Fuel

It can be an infuriating experience to run out of fuel when your trimming. That’s why you should always check that you have more than enough fuel before trimming. Also, fill up your portable fuel bottles so you can refuel right there on the spot.

5. Mow In The Morning Or Evening, Not The Afternoon

The ideal times to mow your lawn are in the morning or evening due to it being cooler than in the afternoon. This is to keep the moisture in the roots of the grass (where it’s needed). It will also reduce the chance of your suffering from heat exhaustion.

Evening vs Morning; Which is better?

Mowing in the evening would be a better decision than mowing in the morning because the grass gets at least 10-12 hours of darkness to rest before the sun rises. In addition, mowing wet/dewy grass in the morning is not safe for you or healthy for the grass.