Best ATV Hunting Accessory

Best ATV Hunting Accessory

Is Your ATV Properly Outfitted With The Right Accessories For Hunting?

ATVs are a perfect machine for hunting. With approaching fall season, it is time to gear up your ATV with accessories made to meet the specific needs of hunters. Having your ATV properly set up for hunting can make the hunt easier, safer, and much more enjoyable. Successful hunting is all about having the right equipment. As an ATV owner, you know there is always limited room to carry your supplies and tools while going out for a hunting trip.


If you can find equipment that can help you easily haul gear for clearing trails, stocking feeders, setting tree stands, we are sure you would love to have that for your next hunting adventure. In addition, preparing food plots is a major part of deer hunting these days. Plows, sprayers, and spreaders can make setting up a food plot a snap and using an ATV can allow you to make up a food plot in places you never thought you could. Use the hitch that comes with the SportRack to carry more stuff while still being able to tow whatever equipment you need.

There is a wide range of ATV accessories perfectly suited for hunting. Finding the right accessories is part of the pre-season hunt that we all enjoy — getting ready for the season.

The ATV & UTV SPORT RACK Is A Great Hunting Accessory

It allows you to carry up to 75 lbs. giving you plenty of capacity for deer stands and blinds, chairs, ammo, lunches, coolers, and more. The ATV & UTV SPORT RACK quickly attaches to any four-wheeler using the hitch accessories included in the box.

BTR ATVSportsRack

The top 4 benefits of having an ATV & UTV SPORT RACK attached to your ATV during hunting season:

  1. Easily carry blinds, tree stands and chairs while driving with BOTH hands on the ATV.
  2. Clear shooting lanes faster by brining chainsaw, axe, and chains with you.
  3. Stay in the stand longer by adding a heater and lunch box to your list.
  4. Carry bulky gear while dragging by utilizing the 2-inch hitch.

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Another important accessory which you can’t afford to miss while going out for a hunting trip is BTR-LED Rechargeable Site Lamp with STRONG Magnetic Base, 3.7V Li-Ion Battery 9W. You can use this powerful light as a spotlight as well as a safety or caution light.

Rechargeable site lamp

Just charge it before leaving for your hunting adventure. It comes with a high strength rubber-based magnetic light, which holds it securely on any metal surface.


One more must-have accessory for your hunting ATV is BTR-GB Gear Bag. Now you don’t have to worry about where to put your cell phone, keys, drinks, gloves, first aid kit and other important items.

BTR Gearbag

Even you can carry multiple Gear Bags on an ATV, depending upon your requirements. GearBag is 18” long x 4” wide x 11” tall.

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Another handy accessory you should carry on your ATV while going out for a hunting trip is BTR-QF 2 PACK! NEW QuickFILL® 18oz portable fuel bottle.

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Quickly refill your chainsaw, trimmer, edger, or blower with 2-cycle fuel, greatly increasing productivity!

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There are a lot of different ATV accessories out there that fulfill various hunting requirements. The best advice is to check for the quality and durability before you buy it to ensure you are going to be happy with your purchase and that it will work with your machine.