40-Gallon Low-Profile DEF Carrytank
40-Gallon Low-Profile DEF Carrytank


40-Gallon Low-Profile DEF Carrytank

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Easily transport and transfer Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) wherever its needed! This tank provide the convenience of a portable refueling station for farm, construction, recreation, industrial, and fleet markets. This tank is specifically designed to fit within the bed of a pickup truck and below the height of the truck bed sides.

Simply hook these self-contained tanks come with a 12-volt power source and start pumping with the hose and automatic nozzle. Easily transport the Carrytank to a vehicle or leave it in a convenient spot onsite.

12-volt transfer pump delivers fuel at 10 gallons per minute

Protective Cover
Lock for extra security

Automatic Nozzle
Automatic dispensing nozzle with removable drip tray

Forklift Pockets
Forklift pockets to lift and carry

Recess for ratchet straps
Strap into any vehicle for transport

Fits in a truck bed
Portable DEF Carrytank that fits below the sides of the truck bed

• Rugged linear polyethylene construction
• Fill Level Gauge
• 12-volt transfer pump delivers fuel at 10 gallons per minute
• Dispensing nozzle with removable drip tray
• Integrated forklift pockets for moving when full
• Molded handles make it easy to lift and carry the tank when empty
• Integrated recesses are provided for securing tanks with ratchet straps during transport
• Protective and lockable cover
• Fits easily in the bed of a pickup truck below the truck bed sides

Capacity 40-Gal
Weight-empty 56 lbs.
Power Cable 20’
Delivery Hose 13’
Size 38″ W x
23″ L x
18″ H

IMPORTANT! This Carrytank is for use with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) only DO NOT use with other fuels or liquids in this Carrytank. It is the user’s responsibility to comply with local, state and federal requirements pertaining to safe transportation, loading and discharging tank contents.

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