3 Things That Separate Experienced Compact Tractor Owners From The Novices

3 Things That Separate Experienced Compact Tractor Owners From The Novices

When it comes owning and maintaining a compact tractor, some of us learn the hard way.

Here are 3 things that separate experienced compact tractor owners from the novices.

1. Experienced Tractor Owners Maximize Their Machines, Novices Don't.

Yes having the right tractor is important will but you need to also have the right implements to use it efficiently. It's a big game changer. With the right attachment/implement for the job, you can get twice the work done with half the labor. If you need to invest in the right tractor attachment, do it . It will save you the time.

2. Novice Tractor Owners Try To Do It All Themselves, Experienced Owners Don't.

There are times where doing it yourself is okay. Tractor repair and maintenance can all be done without the assistance of your local businesses. However, we advise you not to engineer your own implement for your own safety. Unless you have the proper welding skills, tools and supplies you could be looking at a considerable amount of time invested with no guaranteed finished product. Moreover, the costs could exceed your budget due to unforeseen events and it might make more sense to simply buy one.

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3. Novice Tractor Owners Worry Over NORMAL Tractor Conditions, Experienced Owner's Don't.

There are some signs which tell you that tractor is healthy but due to lack of experience you might think otherwise. A common misconception is the removal of all the grease from the tractor joints to "make it look clean". However, this grease not only lubricates the joints but keeps dirt out. Another common condition is a small drip or puddle on the floor. Fluid will always spill out of the reservoirs when pressure is built up to prevent parts from being cracked or damaged.

From rookie to experienced sub compact tractor owners, we all made silly mistakes. We hope these tips will help you from damaging your machine, tools or property.

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