Don't Buy a UTV Until You Read This

Don't Buy a UTV Until You Read This

Don't Buy a UTV Until You Read This

UTV’s are awesome, useful and lots of fun but what’s wrong with your tractor? Is there really the need to spend over $20,000 on a new piece of equipment when there’s only one big game changer that a UTV has over your tractor? We all know it’s the UTV’s cargo space. What if there was a way to offer even better cargo space on a tractor? Believe it or not there is and it is much more organized and efficient than carrying items in the back of a UTV. For most people that would completely eliminate the need for a UTV, something that not only offers cargo space but organization and security of your tools.


Make the Most Out of Your Tractor

Save thousands of dollars and invest in The Ultimate Rack rather than a UTV. For less than 10% of the cost not only does the rack give you cargo space but it’s a solution to problems many owners never knew they had which is a lack of equipment security and organization. Not only that but serves as a great counterweight to stabilize your tractor. Don’t waste your day driving your tractor back and forth instead carry your tool shed with you. It’s useful for just about any job your property challenges you with.

Ultimate Rack on Kubota

How much cargo space?

The Ultimate Rack has plenty of cargo space for your tractor. The dimensions of the cargo area are 45” x 25.5” x 14” but how is that better than a UTVs bed? For one, the Ultimate Rack is made with 11 gauge steel along the side walls and floor bed while many UTV beds are plastic. Not only is the rack steel but it is powder coated to stay protected through all of the elements on the job. As seen by the dimensions this is a much deeper cargo space compared to UTVs which is much better for storing taller items safely. The Ultimate Rack has the steel floor but over that is a rubber mat to prevent your precious cargo from sliding around. Another question commonly asked is how much weight can this handle? Thanks to the ¼’’ steel chassis the rack can handle a 600 pound payload.

John Deere Ultimate Rack

How do I keep my tools secure?

There are various attachments on the Ultimate Rack that were designed to fasten your tools to get to the job. The rack comes with almost everything you need to securely store and carry all your tools and if you need more, we have a wide variety of accessories. Standard accessories include; storage bins, Four Hole Tool Holders, dropdown hooks, Universal Tool Holder with Straps, etc. Carry your hand tools, bar oil, rakes, shovels, axes, rope, or even a Weed Wacker all on the Ultimate Rack. Rubber straps or grommets help keep everything securely fastened so there's no need to worry about tools falling out or getting lost. Stop throwing your tools in a tractor bucket or trailer and avoid losing or damaging your expensive equipment.

Why do you need counterweight?

Many tractor owners already know this but counterweight is extremely important in the stabilization of tractors. Ballasting your tractor is vital for the safety of operating the piece of equipment especially when it comes to picking up heavy loads with the front loader or operating on uneven terrain. The Ultimate Rack alone is 300 lbs. and the payload is 600 lbs. but the rack also has a counterweight bracket. This gives people the opportunity to put suitcase weights to add even more weight, so all said and done you can put over 1000 lbs. on your 3-point hitch. 

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Ultimate Rack Bed 2

Ultimate Rack Bed